The Bow Tie Project: Day Three

Had the good fortune of catching Oasis at Madison Square Garden tonight. Great seats, better company. Scribbled the following on the ride home, “Champagne Supernova” still ringing in my ears.

Today’s lesson learned, with the right attitude, rather with the right amount of attitude, a bow tie can be worn to a proper rock ‘n roll concert.

Bow Tie Project, Outfit, Day Three
Bow Tie Project, Outfit, Day Three
Bow Tie Project, Tie, Day Three
Bow Tie Project, Tie, Day Three
The Brothers Gallagher, MSG 12/17/08
The Brothers Gallagher, MSG 12/17/08

Tie, J. Press

Shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren, “Regent,” Classic Fit

Jeans, APC Hipsters, waist 30, Purchased in September 2006, Altered once, Repaired once

Jacket, Vintage from What Comes Around Goes Around

Shoes, Land’s End, Chelsea Boot, Fall 2005


  1. Blake
    December 20, 2008

    This is my favorite bow-tie outfit yet. Great jacket!

  2. plaidout
    December 22, 2008

    Thanks, Blake. My favorite detail is the leather buttons that adorn the three pockets. Very professorial.

  3. plaidout
    January 6, 2009

    Thanks, Blake. The stock at WCGA is truly second-to-none!

  4. aunt fabulous
    January 16, 2009

    ummmmm- yes please! more of that please! love love love the bowtie and love you even more!! (even more than i aparently love exclamation points. . .)

  5. plaidout
    January 16, 2009

    Thanks, Aunt Fabulous! I plan on a post about bow ties and technical gear. If you have any advice, please let me know!! Exclamation points are my favorite!

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