1. Colleen Copple
    January 7, 2009

    Totally helpful, but I’m surprised by how many times you can wear things before washing. I never know myself, but I tend to wash my jeans and dry clean my sweaters way more often – like after 3 wearings at the most. Maybe that’s too much and not very “green,” but especially wool sweaters I just feel like they trap in smells, and it makes me feel icky:)

  2. plaidout
    January 7, 2009

    Hey Colleen! Your dry cleaning bills must be through the roof! To help with smells, between wears, try tucking a cedar chip into the fold of your sweater. The cedar will cut down on odors, and it does a nice job of repelling moths. Or, if you care less about moths, as I do, fold your sweater around fresh dryer sheets. Mrs. Meyers’ sheets are my favorite.

    With regard to jeans, before I swore off distressed denim a few years ago, I washed my jeans every two weeks. I turned them inside out, and threw them in with the darks. Now, raw’s the law, and I treat each of my three pair differently. I haven’t tried it yet, but A.P.C. suggests using Woolite Dark when washing. Their washing suggestions are quite comical, but I’ve found them to be pretty on point. I plan to do a full post on denim soon. For now, try a ten-day stint w/o wash. Feel how your denim stretches. Turn out and wash those suckers with the Dark Knight of the laundry room, and let me know how goes. The color should stay, and the denim, if tumbled dry, should shrink back comfortably.

    That’s it for now, I’m all plaidout.

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