Brotally & Falling Whistles Present

ny_52Alex Beh of Brotally!, the first to sit down with me for a Ten to One, is in New York this week to promote his new short film.

Thursday, alongside Sean Carasso of Falling Whistles, Alex will host a benefit/screening meant to raise awareness for the war being fought by the youth of the Democratic Republic of Congo. To kick off the event, Mr. Beh will show screenings of his first short, the award-winning Sugar, and his latest, The Laundry, which was produced by Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy, and features Tony Hale of Arrested Development. The night will include sets from stand-up comedian Thomas Middleditch and DJ Justin Tyme.

If you see a guy with thick-rimmed glasses wearing plaid, stop me and introduce yourself!

12 February 2009; 8pm-12am; Angels & Kings, 500 E. 11th St.


  1. alexx
    February 12, 2009

    “if you see a guy with thick-rimmed glasses wearing plaid”?

    all that means is you have your eyes open.

  2. plaidout
    February 12, 2009

    I was hoping someone would catch the hipster wit in there. Alexx, head on out! Look for the guy in selvedge denim and Frye boots.

  3. alexx
    February 12, 2009

    i’ll be there. look for the girl in the members only jacket and ironic tee shirt.

    okay, okay, blue skirt and grey laceless oxfords too.

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