What I Would Wear: iPhone 3.0 Software Launch

I just watched the iPhone 3 Software Launch.

forstallAs I prepare to jump ship and invest in my first iPhone (4/1), I’ve been paying close attention to all the buzz. Along with the rest of the world, I was very happy to learn they’ve instituted cut, copy, and paste, but while watching the announcement, I couldn’t shake the thought that these men, speaking in front of millions of people, all look terrible.

sitting-iphoneI understand Silicon Valley’s need or desire to appear casual. It’s cool. I get it, but failing to take time to give a bit of thought to what you’re going to look like for a hotly anticipated presentation, one that will be watched by millions, is a bit like going to battle without your armor.

iphone-stripesOf all the men who presented, Apple’s Greg Joswiak, wins best dressed, and that’s by default. At the very least, his staid striped shirt fit, his dad-approved denim was not the loosest-fitting of the crew, and he was fairly well-kempt (i.e. shave and a haircut). But Mr. Joswiak, if I may, just tuck in your shirt; now, leave it there for an hour and a half.

Images of the launch c/o engadget

If I had any reason to speak in front of people in Cupertino, California today, this is what I would have worn,* for better or worse.

*Let me begin by setting a few ground rules. Based on those in attendance, I gathered denim is fare game, but tennis shoes are not. No one wore a tie, and the only jackets were an ill-fitting suit jacket and a velour job.  I don’t foresee a velour jacket purchase any time soon, and if I was the only guy wearing a suit jacket that fit, I’d probably take it off.apolis-oxford_military_woven_light_blue

Ryan Huber and his partners at Madison, Wisconsin’s Context provided a great base with this look. The military shirt is from Apolis Activism. The jeans are the New Standard from APC. fm-allen-pelican-beltI have wanted the Pelican Belt from F.M. Allen ever since seeing it on Hollister’s blog. If I were invited to speak at Apple’s headquarters, I’d treat myself to a new belt.florsheim-imperial-kenmoor

I found an old pair of Florsheim wingtips in the dusty basement of a theatre when I was in college. I’ve been told they’re from the sixties. I have worn the soles out two or three times. I will continue to do so until someone begs me to stop. A pair of Kenmoor from Florsheim’s Imperial line look awfully similar, and they are well-priced.



To keep myself honest, I’d wear Emmett Brown’s plutonic undershirt and Casio’s Databank Watch, Model DBC-610G-1DF.


Miniot, a Holland-based company Porter Hovey brought to my attention, make fine wooden cases for iPod and iPhone products.

Keep it simple. Have a little fun. Look the part. Buy clothes that fit you. That’s all for now. I’m allplaidout.

Special thanks to Joe G. for the idea.

  • joe

    March 17, 2009at11:46 PM

    absolutely nailed it! congrats!

  • greenjeans

    March 18, 2009at12:28 AM

    old wingtips are the best. there’s nothing like a pair of shoes that’s been re-soled a few times.

  • Paul

    March 18, 2009at3:53 PM

    Yeah, I always get a pair of wingtips (usually Allen Edmonds) used on eBay for 15% of the cost of a new pair! I just resole them and they’re good to go!

    Nice Post Max, though I prefer the BlackBerry to iPhone (since I have over 40 ‘BlackBerry Messenger’ Contacts, thus making texting free)

    Good luck with your iPhone though!

  • Memphis88

    March 18, 2009at7:54 PM

    You will not regret getting an iPhone. I love that pelican belt, but you can get one elsewhere for much cheaper. Like here:


    Tintin did a post on them a while back over on his blog, though it was about their rifle sling belt. I’ll be getting a hoof pick or pelican belt and a rifle sling belt later this spring.

  • Memphis88

    March 18, 2009at7:57 PM

    Oh and thanks for making me covet one of those Miniot cases! Not sure I can justify spending that much on a case, though.

  • plaidout

    March 18, 2009at8:35 PM

    Memphis, thanks! I’ve received two e-mail, and a DM on Twitter about Narragansett. I did a post a while ago on them as well, but I hadn’t seen their version of the pelican. I think I like NL’s better.

  • Memphis88

    March 18, 2009at11:28 PM

    I remember now that you mention it.

  • joe

    March 19, 2009at4:14 PM

    Narragansett is closed until April (just called)….looks like they will have a flood of orders when they get back…

  • plaidout

    March 19, 2009at9:48 PM

    Narragansett Leathers has become a blog darling of late. I wonder if they have any idea.

  • east side bride

    March 20, 2009at2:40 PM

    The wooden case got a terrible review in Wired. Go with the contour case. Srsly. It’s reasonably elegant but more importantly, it’s functional and you can *drop* the damn thing.

  • Colleen

    March 21, 2009at12:00 PM

    Spot-on my friend. Someone needs to get you an in with these guys for a little pre-announcement consult.

  • Paul

    March 23, 2009at3:04 PM

    also, Max, are you up on this yet? http://www.theskint.com
    if not, you should be!

  • plaidout

    March 24, 2009at11:20 AM

    ESB, this news breaks my heart. Better a broken heart than a broken iPhone.

    Colleen, let’s make that happen! Hilarious.

    Paul, I am now. Thanks!

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