My Fall Look

ph 001After discovering the collection of glass plate negatives in the Flickr account of Sydney, Australia’s Powerhouse Museum of Science and Design, I’ve been toying with the notion of bringing back the moustache. But unlike the one I grew this winter, I would like to anchor my fall look with a ‘stache like Australia’s early settlers, long, thick, well-kempt. In my experience with facial hair, I allow the thing to grow until it becomes wiry, out-of-control, and then I trim it. I’d like someone’s advice regarding waxes, oils, or other products I might utilize to make mine a walrus.

ph 002A modern Australian shearer.

85/1284-1240Upon seeing my last attempt, an actor friend exclaimed in a faux British accent, “Instant Character!” That it is. A moustache carries with it a certain je ne sais quois, a devil-may-care attitude with which I’m wont to ally myself anyways.

ph 003

ph 004

ph 005

ph 006You know how I feel about bowlers, or as our friends Down Under call them, derbies.

For more of Australia’s earliest settlers, see The Powerhouse Museum’s Flickr.


  1. plus, they are HOT.

  2. I have a waxed tash myself, nothing to compare to the impressiveness of these quality gents and mine is much blonder but I do use a wax. I recently reviewed my favourite wax over at my blog, check it out for links and info.

  3. Desmond Pethig says:


    If you grow & maintain a mustache—to say nothing of the faraway look—like the man in the first picture, I will pay you one (1) crisp American dollar.



  4. You can definitely pull it off.

  5. if you are going to do it, go all in. I expect nothing less than the man in the first picture.

  6. Another vote FOR.

    You should do a time-lapse of its evolution and post a full clip November/December.

  7. Hmm…I have to say I’m more a fan of the full beard & mustache and haven’t quite latched on to these thick-haired numbers you’ve displayed above. That said, I have a friend who used to hang Froot Loops from his ‘stache and you could probably learn a thing or two from him.

  8. Max, go for it. I use Clubman’s wax, but only because I found it in my local CVS. Here is a good page on different waxes. Check out some of the mustaches on that website.


  9. Max

    start training your mustache now. there are certain sections of mine that tend to want to grow downward over my top lip. I generally just run a fine comb through it, even when it is short. think of it like training your hair to part to your preferred side. seems to help a lot. i also recommend pinaud-clubman wax very highly. i’ve tried many-a-wax, and clubman seems to work best with my mustache.

  10. This guy looks like the poster boy for my label. LOVE the Bowler. Running an ad campaign just like this next season. Great pic!

  11. Does anyone know of any creams/waxes to make your beard/moustache more smooth and less rough? I don’t want to shape it, I just want it to feel smoother. Maybe a treatment I can use over many days? Thanks!

    Max, 1 vote FOR.


  12. I support the big, thick, well kempt mustache. I’m sick of all these hipsters running around with their thin, pathetic molestache’s and bright, neon clothing.

    But I’m afraid I’m at a loss when it comes to waxes and oils. I wonder what Poirot uses…..

  13. Dhr. DeLuxe says:

    For a good handlebar stache one needs a few things: patience, discipline and glue!

    Patience, for it takes a long time to grow a proper handlebar. The hairs should become really long, to be trained into the proper shape.

    Discipline, for there comes a moment when the hairs have this awkward ‘inbetween’ length. The first tendency is to trim the stach back in shape. DON’T do that: train the awkward hairs, for if you cut them, they’ll grow back, while if you allow them to grow longer, they become more easy to handle, eventually.

    This is where the glue comes in handy: wax only works with LONG hairs. Apart from that, i find the feeling of a waxed moustache not very nice. It stays soft, is sticky, needs constant attention, a.s.o., while with white -water based- hobby glue, or book binders glue, only needs ones attention once a day. It’s cleaner, bet especially much stronger than wax.
    I think glue, or real gum arabic in water (1part to 3) does the trick best.

    @Pieter: when I had a beard, I used a good ‘salon style’ rinse-out hair conditioner. (Pantene pro V is nice…). On top of that, I used a ‘hair mask’ about every two weeks. Works miracles!

  14. I was just at the Kickapoo Country Fair ( and I saw something I’ve never seen before. A rural hipster. Are you farm-iliar with this particular breed? This guy was wearing a very tight red plaid shirt, a red baseball cap, glasses, a tight moustache, and tight jeans. He was wearing brown shoes without laces. He sort of looked like a gay, skinnier version of Ennis (Heath Ledger) from Brokeback Mountain, with glasses.

    I think you should add the rural hipster to your fall look.

    If you’re wondering what the difference between a regular urban hipster and a rural hipster is, being that many urban hipsters rock rural gear (John Deere, plaid, etc.), let me tell you what I realized: The urban hipster begins hipster, and adds rural to be ironic or weird. The rural hipster _begins_ rural, and makes it hipster simply by wearing slimmer versions of the same thing, and buying an iPhone (which doesn’t get coverage anyway out here, but they use it to tell the time).

    A little grist for the allplaidout mill.

  15. Oh sir! But it must surely be accessorised with the finest chapeau available! Was also excited to see the Modern Shearer illustrated above to riding a now very fashionable two wheeler! The fixed gear “track bike” . A wonderful blend of old and new!! Bon Chance mon Ami.

  16. This is my accomplice in mustache care; simply perfect.

  17. Joseph Zbar says:

    Feel free to join us in Movember, a yearly jaunt involving a hairy upper lip. All in the name of charity, of course. That, good sir, is a true Australian tradition. As you can see ( you Yankees are well behind. Best of luck. JZ.

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