Oliver Peoples: Spring 2010

Barrie&SachaFrodo’s Barries block the sun, as the Sachas keep the garbage out of Manson’s sight.

As these images of Monsieur Baggins, Elijah Wood, and Ms. Terminatrix, Shirley Manson, continue to flow in from the fine folks at Oliver Peoples, I bubble with anticipation, yearning for the seasons to change ever-more quickly. Spring cannot arrive soon enough. Needless to say, new eyewear is in my future.

DannieShirley does the Dannie frames, and she does them so well.

SachaSwimming in the Sacha, it’s the only way for Shirley to chill out.


  1. Digging that plastic Clubmaster take-off…

  2. our generations maureen ohara? can all girls wear the Dannie frames?

  3. these shades so to die for!
    they’re nothing too flashy, and do not look like the tacky plastic colored frames on the latest RayBans.
    these are great

  4. The Barrie style is MUCH nicer than the Clubmaster. You can’t compare ray ban to Oliver Peoples. Oliver Peoples quality surpasses any other brand and their styles are so unique and discreet which keeps people guessing what brand they are. Oliver Peoples are the best brand of eyewear i have ever owned. I have about 3 pairs of their sunglasses so far, and the attention to detail, quality, UV protection and comfort is like no other. I will always love OP as long as they continue to make amazing styles while keeping up the high quality.

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