alex photo 16Alex Beh wears Apolis Activism’s Short Sleeve Gingham Woven; their olive Field Jacket; Mosley Tribes’ Lyndel Black with Polarized CR-39 Grey Lenses, and City of Others Denim.

Gearing up for a photo shoot must be one of the most fun things in the world to do. In preparation for one in Los Angeles this summer, actor Alex Beh sent me and photographer Jory Cordy an e-mail that read as follows:

max –
Jory and I are doing a shoot next week. Let us know if you have ideas: DIRTY. CAR. SUIT. FILM. CITY. LAKE. SUN. PALM TREES. SUNGLASSES. GIRL? Thoughts?

Nice Chrysler LeBaron

This was my response:

Shotgun Tecate tall boys. Switchblades. Sand fight. 4×4 Animal Style… for her. Ketchup for him. Tiger print. Not leopard or zebra or giraffe. Tiger. Amber lenses; Mosley Tribes. Heavy cuffs. Turquoise-studded cuff links. Croc leather. Cowboy boots with silver-capped toes. Limes. Skinny black tie. Neck tat.
Chocolate milkshake in the big silver Hamilton Beach cup.

The Chambray Union Shirt by Apolis and Mosley Tribes’ Raynes in Copper with Military G-15

In the string of replies that followed were two very similar lists:

“cigar and coffee. maroon robe on lawn near pool with boxers and white socks and tan moccasins. aforementioned girl in same. boa constrictor. 4 inch parke and ronen swim shorts. golden retriever on leash. dirt bike. wood saw,”


“Chocolate-covered Banana. Humongous fake moustaches for both. Turquoise and royal blue string bikini. Purple Bandana. Red Birdwells. Yellow Vans Authentics. Royal Blue Wayfarers. Faded white hat by The Game. Mesh. Casio. Gin & Tonics. Rolex Submariner. Eames Recliner. Old school scooter made from skate deck. Empty pool. Pit Bull. Antique Sprinkler.”

With a nod to two of the best Tom Cruise movies, Alex rocks a Nomad Pullover from Apolis and a pair of Dark Tortoise Lyndels with brown lenses from Mosley.

Galvanized Steel, my favorite

While the girl didn’t make the final cut, and while my crazy vision may not have been fully realized (I think I was channeling From Dusk Till Dawn), the finished product was made incredibly rad with apparel by Apolis Activism and eyewear by Mosley Tribes.

In memory of Charles Watson Beh; love, love. 1989-2009.

*Be certain to see the three short films which Alex wrote, directed, and starred in. Check out his reel. I guarantee you’ve seen him in some commercials this year. Also, read his interview on APO from earlier this year.

**Special thanks to Jory Cordy for sharing his inspired photography.

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  1. Daniel85
    September 22, 2009

    Love the tie in the last pic.

    This Alex Beh fellow looks like the missing link between Fred Savage and the two Coreys. That’s definitely a good thing.

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