Hamilton 1883: Tastemakers

Picture 4In celebration of its 125th anniversary, Hamilton Shirts, custom shirt maker of Houston, Texas, is introducing its first ready-to-wear line. They call it 1883.

Picture 6The collection, which consists of six unique silhouettes, “recasts some of [their] more historic designs in timeless, new forms.” The selections range from a short-sleeve button down pullover to an updated take on the western, which I proudly sport here.

MaxTo help promote 1883, Hamilton arranged a photo shoot with New York-based bloggers they’re calling Tastemakers. Consisting of twelve men and one woman — one-time Plaidy of the Week Hollister Hovey — the group selected, like Hamilton itself, shares an “an aversion to chasing the new, and a dedication to celebrating the good — those things that are timeless and of a certain quality.” It is my hope that all plaidout will remain forever dedicated to people, places, and things I consider well-made classics. On a regular basis, I look to several of the blogs selected by Hamilton for inspiration. To be included in such esteemed company is an honor, and to be considered a “tastemaker” is deeply humbling, and frankly, a bit daunting.

Special thanks to the Hamiltons, Mr. Stephen Watson, creative director for 1883, and Hanuk, the fantastic photographer on the project. I’m honored to be one of the first to view and comment on their new line Hamilton 1883.


  1. jfox
    October 13, 2009

    Sold. Want that western max… they are pretty slick gathering you guys together. v v smooth.

  2. Joe G
    October 13, 2009

    Make mine a Utility. Please.

  3. jon
    October 14, 2009

    Look at you, you tastemaker you.

  4. clifford
    October 15, 2009

    I like the casualness of their white collar shirts.

  5. jenny
    October 17, 2009

    love the photo. I want the pullover!

  6. Blank Label
    October 18, 2009

    this guy’s got a killer cowboy look on with the cowboy yokes and the bandanna around his neck.
    this shirts are quite pricey though. sure i can appreciate the quality and the awesome design, but it’s a high ticket price for just a shirt

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