Folk, SS10

Surely you’ve read about Folk on Secret Forts. And you should expect a lengthy profile of them forthcoming, as I have plans to sit down with founder Cathal McAteer while he is stateside next week. This company is anti-fashion in the best way possible. Mr. McAteer infuses his designs with a sense of play, tongue firmly planted in cheek, while nodding to the history of the garments that make his possible. From concept to fabrication, everything is done with utmost care and sophistication. It’s no wonder the Folk… folks count The Hill-Side crew among their close friends and clothing business confidants. Knowing my enthusiasm for Folk, you can imagine my excitement when Emil Corsillo sent this ethereal sneak peak at what’s waiting around the river’s bend for Folk. Ask for it at finer retailers everywhere.


  1. pr
    January 15, 2010

    what is all this anti fashion crap these brands try to portray..

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  3. Max
    March 2, 2010

    PR…. who said that the brand/Mr McAteer said that… is that not the words of the blogger?
    I have just gone through the Folk and Hill-Side websites and not once do they profess to be ‘anti fashion’ – take a chill pill dude and stop taking yourself so seriously!

  4. M. Wastler
    March 3, 2010

    Max, PR, No one but yours truly [Max Wastler, the propreitor of all plaidout] said that. I’m chill. Just stating my opinion. Apologies for making you “go through” their websites to no avail. I professed it. They never did. Anti-fashion, it’s just a word. I was more or less referring to Folk’s choice to ignore certain aspects of “trend.” In which case, apologies to you both for the confusion.

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