Things My Father Taught Me: Joanna Goddard

When starting a blog, one turns to other blogs for inspiration. I had four blogs in mind when starting All Plaidout: my friends at The Paupered Chef, and then my idols: A Continuous Lean, Secret Forts, and A Cup of Jo.

With each post on APO, I hope to emulate Joanna Goddard’s ability to merge the personal and the professional, to express her level of taste in an intelligent way, and to bring something good into the world. Joanna, thank you for continuing to offer us the tastiest Cup of Jo.


Make Life an Adventure

We grew up in the suburbs in Michigan, definitely not the world’s most exotic place. But my dad had an uncanny ability to make life feel thrilling. On a typical Saturday or Sunday afternoon, he would ask my brother, sister and me, “Want to go on an adventure?” No matter what our destination — a park, a drive, a frozen yogurt shop, Barnes & Noble — it would feel like anything could happen. Nowadays, I’m still inspired by the way he gets the most out of every day — going on bike rides, canoeing, grilling fish on the deck, reading mountains of books, traveling to Iceland, flirting with waitresses, cracking open a bottle of wine for Sunday lunch. He really knows how to live. I hope I’ve been able to nab a bit of his infectious energy and that I can foster that same joie de vivre in my own son. It’s an amazing trait, and he’s an amazing person.

Joanna Goddard


  1. Christina
    June 17, 2011

    Cup of Jo was one of the first blogs I looked at too! I was so inspired. Great post!

  2. kareno
    June 19, 2011

    I love Cup of Jo!

    great post

  3. naomi
    June 19, 2011

    Joanna’s blog is one of my favorites! Professional, yet so very endearing at the same time 🙂

  4. Josefina
    June 19, 2011

    Lovely post Joanna! I also love love love Cup of Jo. I love my dad because he’s an optimistic man and because he doesn’t dwell in the past.

  5. Nadia
    June 20, 2011

    I Love my Dad coz he was such a smart and funny man, he taught me how to swim, to cherish culture and specially Books, and he taught me respect and generosity toward others ..missing my dad

  6. kimia kline
    June 21, 2011

    ahhh. i love joanna and i love this post. i think she’s definitely managed to nab his knack for living full and well.

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