Heirloom Modern

Whether it’s an “awful” corduroy hat he and some buddies each bought on a late ’70s ski trip, his high school jean jacket with sleeves destroyed by a dog and lovingly darned by my grandmother, or a custom-made oxford cloth shirt he bought to commemorate a new job and a move to the big city — one which both my brother and I wore while in high school — I cherish the hand-me-downs from my dad more than anything else.

Heirloom Modern

Upon meeting the Hovey sisters some years ago, it was this bond with their parents, with their past — and the fact that our families both hail from Kansas City — that connected us immediately. And since then, it’s been such a thrill, as a fan and a friend to see their style mature into a full blown business and now a book from Rizzoli.

Hollister Hovey - Father's Day

Be sure to visit Hollister’s blog, the Hovey Design tumblr, and for the ultimate in heirloom inspiration, please buy their book.


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  2. Noelh
    March 21, 2013

    I have some hats my late dad left me which I cherish dearly. I will hope full get to pass them on to my kids.

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