Terrapin Stationers

TS Bloodhound 3

Thanks to the work I’ve been able to do with Basil Hayden’s this year, I was finally able to spend some time visiting Terrapin Stationers’ Ted Harrington and my old pal, Heather Pieske — you may remember her from the Baja Fish Taco Party.

TS Bloodhound 1

Read the story of the bloodhound business cards.
Here is a full album of photos from my visit.

TS Bloodhound 2

Extra special thanks to Christine Mitchell for illustrating the bloodhound.

Be sure to check out Terrapin Stationers for more of their great work.


  1. [...] Christine Max Wastler goes behind the scenes of the design and printing of his business cards for his job as Basil Hayden’s “bloodhound”. I illustrated the hound and Terrapin printed them. The result is one killer biz card, if I do say so myself. All Plaidout: Terrapin Stationers [...]

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