The Richter Co.

THE RICHTER SPACE (1)I was heading to San Antonio. I’d asked for recommendations of things to check out from an old college friend who, until literally a week before I was to arrive, had been living there for the last several years. Knowing how much I appreciate a well-made shirt, her first suggestion was that I look into The Richter Co., an upstart clothing company begun by my new friend Mario Guajardo.

Richter CoWhat’s most remarkable about Mario’s shirts is that they are made entirely by him and one other person in a small storefront space in a quickly gentrifying neighborhood just North of the center of downtown.

Richter Co 2Take time to check out their newly launched website, and look for more on my visit to San Antonio, coming soon to Whiskey… Among Other Things.


  1. Randy
    July 19, 2013

    What’s even more amazing is that they somehow manage to sell an American made shirt for under $80. Kind of makes me think there is something fishy going on elsewhere. Those are good looking shirts in my opinion and at that price I might actually throw in for one.

  2. peter french
    July 25, 2013

    Nice write-up. I purchased two Richter Co shirts through their successful Kickstarter campaign and wear them weekly. They are slim fitting and well made, and I love being able to tell people that they are made right here in San Antonio.

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