Heirloom Modern

Whether it’s an “awful” corduroy hat he and some buddies each bought on a late ’70s ski trip, his high school jean jacket with sleeves destroyed by a dog and lovingly darned by my grandmother, or a custom-made oxford cloth shirt he bought to commemorate a new job and a move to the big city — one which both my brother and I wore while in high school — I cherish the hand-me-downs from my dad more than anything else.

Heirloom Modern

Upon meeting the Hovey sisters some years ago, it was this bond with their parents, with their past — and the fact that our families both hail from Kansas City —¬†that connected us immediately. And since then, it’s been such a thrill, as a fan and a friend to see their style mature into a full blown business and now a book from Rizzoli.

Hollister Hovey - Father's Day

Be sure to visit Hollister’s blog, the Hovey Design tumblr, and for the ultimate in heirloom inspiration, please buy their book.

Wandawega Camp Store

Friends of mine, David Hernandez and Tereasa Surratt, husband and wife/father and mother/web developer/author/and superstar ad folks, have added a new slash to their already impressive list of titles: Shopkeep.

Their Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin might be recognizable to you, as virtually every clothing company and editorial publication in the United States have used their well-appointed, idyllic summer camp setting to sell you on their version of The Endless Summer.
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Imagine: How Creativity Works

“How do you teach grit?”

“It’s a great question. We don’t have a good answer yet.”

It was the only question remaining at the end of his hour-long reading, and he couldn’t answer it (though he still provided a ten minute response about the concept of “grit”).

Last Wednesday, at the Chicago Public Library, New York Times’ best-selling author Jonah Lehrer hosted a reading of his latest book,¬†Imagine: How Creativity Works. He spoke for nearly one hour, quoting large swaths of the book virtually from memory.
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