The Ballad of S.E. Kiser

A couple weeks ago, my friend Michael Kiser asked me to play his great-great-uncle, noted Chicago poet S.E. Kiser, at a beergathering called the Mash Tun Festival. To learn more about S.E. and see some hysterical photos of my performance go to Good Beer Hunting.

Real Men Swear

I made it.

A Patio Party

The Duke of Windsor sitting on the patio of his residence in Gif-sur-Yvette. (Image c/o The Life Archive)

With Labor Day in the rearview, we look to the horizon and see hot chocolate and football games, feathery flannels and angry bonfires, hazy hayrides and happy harvests at the apple orchards. However, these earlier nights of September feel not unlike the hottest, sweatiest ones of August.

The Patio Days have just begun. Roll out the growlers, fire up your Weber grill, three cheers: fall is here.
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My Fall Look: The Original Stormy Kromer Cap, A Factory Visit

Picture 1In college, while on assignment as a costumer, digging through a Goodwill bin in a small Indiana town, I pulled out a ratty, six panel, dark green, buffalo check cap. Tied in a simple bow in front, it had an exterior hat band attached with seam tape to allow the band to slide up and down, “A brilliant idea for an ear cover,” I thought. The cap was invented by Stormy Kromer, and I’ve been a fan ever since.
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My Fall Look: Maine Guide Shirt by L.L. Bean

Current Maine Guide ShirtSomething happened. A tear in the universe. Suddenly, the red and black buffalo check has taken over. From Madison Avenue to the mall, from the High Street to the high school hallways, the check has become so common, all things from tweeny scarves and Sperry Top-Siders to duct tape and skate decks have become, well, decked out in the pattern once only reserved for Paul Bunyan and the Brawny paper towel guy.
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My Fall Look

ph 001After discovering the collection of glass plate negatives in the Flickr account of Sydney, Australia’s Powerhouse Museum of Science and Design, I’ve been toying with the notion of bringing back the moustache. But unlike the one I grew this winter, I would like to anchor my fall look with a ‘stache like Australia’s early settlers, long, thick, well-kempt. In my experience with facial hair, I allow the thing to grow until it becomes wiry, out-of-control, and then I trim it. I’d like someone’s advice regarding waxes, oils, or other products I might utilize to make mine a walrus.
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