Wood Racquets

While in Missouri, I tried to toss a serve on one of my dad’s old wood racquets, and well, I failed miserably. Eventually, as I got the hang of it, I noticed as the ball would hit the racquet, the sensation was completely foreign. When I brought this up to a friend who plays a…

Denim Diary

If I started a clothing company, I’d want the hang tags to tell the garment’s story, like a J. Peterman catalogue dangling there for customers to read as they hold my creations. Inspired by 45rpm’s NYC Denim Diary, I thought I’d provide a diary entry of my own for the pair pictured. :: A.P.C. Hipsters,…

David Friedman

Photographer David Friedman traveled to a Kentucky denim distressing factory. The photos are so beautiful, but I do not understand why a pair of jeans needs whiskers upon purchase.

Outdoor Hockey Can Lead to Black Eyes

Watching The Winter Classic today on NBC, I noticed several of the Red Wings players wearing Farkas Eye Black. As much an aid to reduce the sun’s glare as it is an intimidating war paint of sorts, eye black has been used by athletes young and old for years. As a kid, I can recall…

Sale Watch

The Triple Guard Stripe Tie, henceforth the Jennifer Aniston Tie, from Black Fleece, Thom Browne’s line for Brooks Brothers is on sale for $112.50, down from $150.00. Get it for no other reason than to say at a party, “Yeah, it’s that tie.” Hi-Def photo c/o A Continuous Lean.

Riders on the Snow

With our first serious dumping of chowdah this weekend, I certainly felt the call of the wild. Fairly certain these surfers on Long Island did too. Photos c/o The New York Times.