This is My Denver

Thanks to a partnership with entertainment site The A.V. Club, Basil Hayden’s is putting me on the road to mix it up with fans of our bourbon and fans of their site. We call this tour “This is My….” Starting in Denver, we’ll be traveling to several cities across the country to document a collection of people in each city doing interesting things centered around a theme. Our theme for Denver was après ski, that time when you ditch your gear and curl up with some good food, good friends, a good movie, and a good cocktail (or two). Special thanks to Williams & Graham’s Chad Michael George for crafting the Red on the Rocks cocktail and to Winter Session’s Tanya Fleisher and Roy Katz for sharing their story and their space for our first event.

DIY Business Association

Thanks to Meghan Keedy, Amy Cuevas Schroeder, and all the folks at the DIY Business Association for the lengthy feature.

As my business partner Joe Gannon says, I’ve got a few “irons in the fire.” Hopefully, that never changes, but it’d be nice to have one of them turn out really sharp (Is that what happens to iron after you remove it from the fire?).

The New York Times

Over the weekend, I was quoted in an article in The New York Times, the Old Gray Lady. Fortunately, owing to it being a holiday weekend, I was able to witness firsthand the reaction of several family members. My parents, old and graying themselves, excitedly grabbed for their reading glasses the minute they learned the news. As she finished the piece, my mother simply laughed a little and shook her head in disbelief. My father asked, “What does it say that it took leaving New York for you to appear in the Times?” He was half-right in his asking (more on that in a minute). My great-aunt, a retired nun and one of the smartest people I know, said, “I guess I should be paying closer attention to men’s suits.” Of course, I assured her she absolutely shouldn’t, or I would begin to question her intelligence. My aunt and uncle gave a resounding “Oh, cool!” at breakfast that morning.

As I walked the mile-or-so to the nearest Starbucks to pick up a couple copies (Why is Starbucks is the only place in the Midwest to carry The New York Times?), I thought about what it meant to have my picture taken for The New York Times. Friends of mine, close ones even, have appeared several times in this paper-among-papers. I thought about them. After they appeared, my impression of them remained the same. But these were great people receiving great attention for doing or saying great things. Why was I tapped to talk about slim suits? I wear one. I know a bit about construction of suits. I am a champion of one Chicago suit maker in particular. But, I’m a fairly regular guy, who — yeah — I wear a suit, or at least a suit jacket a lot, but I wouldn’t consider myself an expert. On my walk, I thought to myself that I hope this doesn’t change peoples’ impression of me.

And I suppose it’s fitting that I was as gussied up as I was appearing in the paper this time around. That’s right. I appeared in the paper one other time.
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Real Men Swear

I made it.

WBEZ’s Sound Opinions

I was on WBEZ’s Sound Opinions last week. Listen here.


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L.L. Bean’s 100th Anniversary

Following photos of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Babe Ruth, my face — and more importantly my Norwegian sweater — show up in the video L.L. Bean created to celebrate their 100th Anniversary (00:57 seconds). It’s somehow all-the-more fitting that I’m followed by kindergartners on their way to school with their first backpacks… and a snowman.
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The Fall Three in my Secret Fort

Mr. James Wilson of Secret Forts, one of my earliest supporters and the deepest fount of inspiration, was kind enough to ask me to contribute again to his round up of great stuff for fall: The Fall Three. I feel so lucky to have been included in the group.

Thanks to James, and thanks to Nathan Michael for the photo, Ken Hunemeder of Goose Island for the beer photo.

Also, a note for James’ many devotees: he moved! He now resides, quite comfortably at  — Update your feeds, links, and readers.

APO in the WSJ

On the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal, the A-Hed is devoted to the current, dressed-down trend among the Republican candidates. With quotes referencing Mr. Peanut, the Brawny Paper Towel Guy, and Texas Toast, you can imagine my thrill to have been included in the conversation.

Special thanks to the Journal’s Elizabeth Williamson for getting in touch and to Esquire’s Kurt Soller for providing me with the platform to be noticed.

Pick up today’s Journal and share the story with your friends and loved ones.

Dwell Magazine: Ain’t That America

Aaron Britt asked me to write a short piece about Americana-inspired interiors for the October issue of Dwell. The piece is entitled “Ain’t That America,” a tribute to John Mellencamp’s “Pink Houses.”  Accompanying the piece are photos and tidbits about several cool things still made in America. Other highlights in the issue, which is devoted entirely to things Made in America, include a profile of Jack White’s Rolling Records Store, the Cricket Trailer, and a nice write-up about the Finn Lofts, a new building in Wichita, Kansas. Fittingly, I was born just outside of Wichita.

I’ve come to be known for writing about things made right here at home, and I was thrilled to have the chance to write about it for a publication that’s come to be known as the bellwether in all things pertaining to design. Special thanks to Aaron and everyone at Dwell for the unique opportunity to write about something I love for a publication I’ve loved.

Do me a favor: please go to your local bookstore or newsstand and buy two or three copies of the October issue of Dwell. Let’s make it a best-seller.

The News is All Plaidout

Recently, I contributed more than my five cents to Barneys New York’s The Window. It’s part of a series they’re calling Personalities.

In the same week, Chicago’s outpost of Refinery29 listed me among the city’s “cutest bloggers.”

Thank you to Emily, Jessica, Jessica, Kim, and Shani. It truly made my day to be featured on your sites.