Lyle Lovett x All Plaidout x Hamilton Shirts

Lyle Lovett Hamilton All PlaidoutI recently took a trip to Houston, and while I was there, fourth-generation shirt maker, David Hamilton measured me for this custom Lyle Lovett for Hamilton Shirt. I’ll be sharing photos from the factory very soon, but I couldn’t wait to share the shirt.

Steven Harrington x The Times Halloween Collection

TheTimes5I love this time of year. Halloween kicks off a three month party of turkey and ham and beer and wassail and cheese and season-specific desserts aplenty. Oh, and pumpkin-spiced everything.
I first learned of the artist and designer Steven Harrington through his work with Jou-Yie Chou and the good folks at the Ace Hotel. His work feels at once a throwback to the surf and ski t-shirts I grew up with, and completely of its time. Timeless. Playful. And yet, somehow, contemplative. So you can imagine my excitement to see that he’d teamed up with The Times (short for “these are the times”), a relatively young, LA-based shop that was founded on the idea that life is all about the present moment, and much like myself, they draw inspiration from athletics and life out of doors.
This limited edition Halloween capsule really speaks to that.TheTimes2TheTimes3
The collection includes my favorite, the white pocket “Everyday Is Halloween” tee, the Black Magic tee, Steve’s sinister October mix tape, a few Halloween treats and a special 6″ x 8″ signed photo print. Orders placed before Halloween will ship on the same day. The shirts are a super soft, 100% GMO-free organic cotton tee proudly made in California. Four-color graphic printed with water-based ink. Oh, and they three in some endlessly spooky vibes to really kick things off.
From The Times themselves, “Each October we get together with the crew for potlucks, spirits, spooky walks and scary movies. It has been a tradition for years and has become a time of year we look forward to year-round. The Times Black Magic Collection is an attempt to share some of the fun with a larger audience. We at The Times have a very close relationship with artist Steven Harrington and knowing Halloween is his favorite time of year as well we decided the capsule was in order.”
All orders come with a download link to Steve’s “Black Magic” October mix tape, featuring some deadly Halloween faves.
Be sure to visit The Times shop to check out this ghoulish collection before it’s too late.

The Richter Co.

THE RICHTER SPACE (1)I was heading to San Antonio. I’d asked for recommendations of things to check out from an old college friend who, until literally a week before I was to arrive, had been living there for the last several years. Knowing how much I appreciate a well-made shirt, her first suggestion was that I look into The Richter Co., an upstart clothing company begun by my new friend Mario Guajardo.

Richter CoWhat’s most remarkable about Mario’s shirts is that they are made entirely by him and one other person in a small storefront space in a quickly gentrifying neighborhood just North of the center of downtown.

Richter Co 2Take time to check out their newly launched website, and look for more on my visit to San Antonio, coming soon to Whiskey… Among Other Things.

Factory Visit: Teviz

Flannel, a fabric noted for its cozy, breathable, furry texture, is among the first things with which we all fall in love. As comforting as a mother’s heartbeat, a flannel blanket was likely one of the first cloths with which we came into contact upon being born.

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The Fall Three in my Secret Fort

Mr. James Wilson of Secret Forts, one of my earliest supporters and the deepest fount of inspiration, was kind enough to ask me to contribute again to his round up of great stuff for fall: The Fall Three. I feel so lucky to have been included in the group.

Thanks to James, and thanks to Nathan Michael for the photo, Ken Hunemeder of Goose Island for the beer photo.

Also, a note for James’ many devotees: he moved! He now resides, quite comfortably at  — Update your feeds, links, and readers.

APO in the WSJ

On the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal, the A-Hed is devoted to the current, dressed-down trend among the Republican candidates. With quotes referencing Mr. Peanut, the Brawny Paper Towel Guy, and Texas Toast, you can imagine my thrill to have been included in the conversation.

Special thanks to the Journal’s Elizabeth Williamson for getting in touch and to Esquire’s Kurt Soller for providing me with the platform to be noticed.

Pick up today’s Journal and share the story with your friends and loved ones.


You park your car on High Street in Columbus, Ohio’s Short North neighborhood. You’re so excited, you forget to pay the meter. You walk around a shady corner where a red sign reads “HOMAGE.” You walk into the little shop to the sounds of The Brothers Johnson’s “Get the Funk Out Ma Face.” You smell the wood of old backboards that have been repurposed as a checkout counter.

You look to your right. There is a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Larry Bird hanging out by an old Coke machine. You think to yourself, “Oh man, this is so great! ‘The Hick from French Lick’!” You look to your left, there is a working scoreboard and canvas bins filled with colorful sports-themed t-shirts and Starting Lineup figurines. You are immediately transported back to Nipher Middle School. Your friend Bryn is lacing his Nike Air Flights. Just after one last pump on his Reeboks, Danjo is schooling a kid named Duck on his latest version of Tim Hardaway’s killer crossover dribble. There’s a red-headed kid named Robbie who is wearing Etonic sport goggles. And Nick is sporting some tube socks so long David Robinson would be impressed.

My purchases while visiting Homage Clothing in Columbus, Ohio

Then, out of the corner of your eye, you spot a t-shirt, and suddenly you’re seven years old. Your dad puts you to bed in one of his a threadbare oversized University of Kansas T-shirts. He gives you a Coors Light kiss on your forehead. You roll over, a stuffed Jayhawk permanently under your arm. Dad leaves. You hear him descend the stairs. You rush to the floor. You lay awake all night with your head pinned to the berber carpet, soaking up the sounds through the second storey’s floorboards, as the laughs grow louder, the “Oh, no!” the “Oh… YES!” You hear your mom, a Mizzou grad, yell a sacrilegious, “C’mon, K-U!” And finally, everyone shouts, “DANNY!” Shortly thereafter, your dad runs to the staircase, “Max! Benny! Come downstairs! KU just won the National Championship!” Your heart soars. You think, “it doesn’t get better than this.”

Snoopy, Lifelong Buckeye Fan

The late, great Dennis Wilson

As a Midwestern kid whose dad would drive him around with the top down listening to Beach Boys tapes all summer, I totally identify with the desire to Surf Ohio. I still jump on my kickboard at the pool.

This cardigan was made exclusively for Homage by someone in Columbus, Ohio.

That’s what this store does well. This little shop on a side street off the High Street on Columbus’ Short North drums up so many warm recollections of a childhood spent obsessing about sports, it’s a veritable factory of memories. Every time I wear my Surf Ohio or my Danny & The Miracles T-shirt, I spend the whole day thinking about my old favorite T-shirts, hoping Ryan will find one and make a reissue. His shirts fast became my favorite t-shirts, and so too will they be your favorites in no time. Pay homage to your childhood heroes today.

Special thanks to Ryan Vesler and all the wonderful people behind Homage. Thank you for jogging my memory.

For more from my visit to Homage in Columbus, Ohio, see Flickr.

Q&A with Michael Maher of Taylor Stitch

“Bombs away.”

That’s how it started. At least that’s how I remember it starting. Michael Maher won me over when he grabbed a throw pillow from one of the weathered Chesterfields parked in front of The Jane Hotel’s lobby fireplace, and threw it behind his head like a grenade.

He instigated a pillow fight.

After that, a night of unadulterated fun ensued. Jumping on couches. Twisting. Shouting. Fist-pumping. And a fruitless search for the street — I swore — had TONS of late night slices. We were destined to be friends.

When Michael told me about the new line of shirts at Taylor Stitch, I asked him if I could interview him when the time was right. Last Sunday, the time was right. Here’s — roughly — how it went.
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Taylor Stitch, SS11

So thrilled were we when Michael Maher of Taylor Stitch offered us an exclusive first look at their new line for spring, that we promised him two full days of posts here at all plaidout, which — for those of you playing along at home — is more than we average in a month.
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Lincoln Supply Co. for Matt Wertz


Matt Wertz Promo from Lincoln Supply Co. on Vimeo.

Matt Wertz sent me a video today. Filmed by Joshua Wicker and narrated by Jeremy Beasley of Florida-based Lincoln Supply Co., it documents the collaboration between Matt and Jeremy, and it’s the most elaborate video I’ve ever seen about the process of making a t-shirt.
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