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Men, there are those among us who swear off sandals. Take for example, Rule Number 121 from Walker Lamond’s Rules for My Unborn Son, which states “Men should not wear sandals. Ever.” And then, there are men like me, men who grew up wearing shorts and sandals every day of his humid, sticky summers in the Midwest. After discovering Teva, my hot summer days would never be the same.
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Made Here

One Trip Pass‘ Jay Carroll — the King of the Road Trip — has created a series of videos centered on the work he’s done for Levi’s, traveling and buying up some of his favorite things to be sold in their stores. If dreams were realities, Jay would continue to travel and document these terrific people and their lives’ work forever.

Without further ado, Made Here.
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Altman’s Shoes

In my wildest dreams this place didn’t exist.

When I think about Al Capone, I imagine he looked after all these backroom hideouts, secret underground passageways, and speakeasies beneath every street in Chicago.

The Altmans are the Al Capones of men’s footwear. Under their postage-stamp-sized shoe store in Chicago’s Loop, for the last 30 years, in something like 20 rooms, they have amassed over 20,000 pairs of deadstock, vintage shoes.
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Repaired Redux: My Alden Tassel Mocs

A little over a year ago, I had my trademark Tassel Mocs recrafted by the good folks at Alden. Then, lured by the infectious grooves of Mr. Kenny Loggins, the already trashed tassels lost their toe. I mentioned their demise to owner Mike at Brooks Shoe Repair in Chicago, and he assured me if I brought my shoes in, he’d take great care of them.

Applying a special shoe paint and giving the soles and shoe pads a complete overhaul, The toe looks great. The paint looks a little phony, but I will beat these shoes to hell in no time, and no one will be any the wiser. Also, Mike’s repair cost half the price of the Alden recraft.

Repairing My Alden Tassel Mocs

At a wedding recently, I got a little too Footloose on the dance floor and tore up the toe of my favorite shoes, an ancient pair of Original Tassel Mocs from Alden, yes, the same pair I recently had restored. Besides the pending lawsuit in people’s court against one Mr. Kenneth Clark Loggins for damages done by his righteous grooves, foremost in my mind is repairing these bad boys. What, if anything, can be done?

Russell Moccasin: The Boots of Presidents and Kings

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Gitman Vintage x Seavees Bleeding Madras Pop-Over Shirt

I first met Seavees’ Steven Tiller this summer. Over the course of our chat, he told me about his first job working at Harold’s while in high school. He talked about all the preppy brands they carried. He mentioned Gitman Bros., but his eyes lit up with the mention of bleeding madras, “the real stuff, the Indian stuff, that gets on your skin.”

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New Balance: Made in the USA

Watching ESPN’s SportsCenter this morning, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this spot for New Balance. It features their shoemakers hard at work in the company’s Skowhegan, Maine factory.
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