The Johnny Cash Christmas Show, 1977

My newest holiday tradition: watching The Johnny Cash Christmas Show, circa 1977.

Birth of a Hat: Making a Stetson

Thanks to the National Film Preservation Foundation, I discovered a 1935 reprint of the original 1920 film, “Birth of a Hat” an industrial short about, and sponsored by, the John B. Stetson Company.

From the press materials: “Within ten years of its founding, Stetson developed the widely popular ‘Boss of the Plains’ hat, the inaugural model of the now-traditional cowboy hat. By the early 1900s, Stetson hats were the most popular in the American Southwest, and the company operated the largest hat factory in the world, with 5,400 employees, in Philadelphia.”

The Lone Ranger

Today sees the return of The Lone Ranger, one of the most enduring characters of the West.
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The Yoga Poses of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn-Monroe-Headstand-Shirsasana-IIIShirsasana IIIMarilyn-Urdhva-DanaUrdhva Dana

Recently, yoga scholar Eric Shaw compiled twenty-one images, photographs of Marilyn Monroe doing yoga. He also provided some historical context in a separate post.
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Made Here

One Trip Pass‘ Jay Carroll — the King of the Road Trip — has created a series of videos centered on the work he’s done for Levi’s, traveling and buying up some of his favorite things to be sold in their stores. If dreams were realities, Jay would continue to travel and document these terrific people and their lives’ work forever.

Without further ado, Made Here.
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Chicago Past

Chicago’s History. Now in convenient Tumblr form.

H/T Michael Kiser.

Cologne: From the Diary of Ray & Esther

Cologne is a wonderful documentation of a time and place.
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Wandawega Camp Store

Friends of mine, David Hernandez and Tereasa Surratt, husband and wife/father and mother/web developer/author/and superstar ad folks, have added a new slash to their already impressive list of titles: Shopkeep.

Their Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin might be recognizable to you, as virtually every clothing company and editorial publication in the United States have used their well-appointed, idyllic summer camp setting to sell you on their version of The Endless Summer.
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Vintage Smith

“The part I have a hard time with, buying things I wouldn’t pick out for myself.”
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Gitman Vintage x Seavees Bleeding Madras Pop-Over Shirt

I first met Seavees’ Steven Tiller this summer. Over the course of our chat, he told me about his first job working at Harold’s while in high school. He talked about all the preppy brands they carried. He mentioned Gitman Bros., but his eyes lit up with the mention of bleeding madras, “the real stuff, the Indian stuff, that gets on your skin.”

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