The Goods: A Fun Casual Leather Belt

l15In the photo from T. Hayashida’s Take Ivy, The Trad featured Bean’s Springfield Rifle Belt (see above, bottom). Every man should own a trademark belt, one you’d wear for fun with jeans, cords, or chinos,  something that could act as an attention-grabber, a conversational piece. Whether it means personalizing it with your leather tooling kit à la Into the Wild, taking it to the engraver like style guru Andy Spade, or investing in one of the belts featured here, your belt has the potential to act as a unique expression of your personal style. Make a statement!

cb5-5No. 5 Cinch Belt by Col. Littleton

hook_tanClassic 4-Loop Hoof Pick Belt by Wiley Brothers

trace-carrierTrace Carrier Leather Belt by Leather Man, Ltd.

belt_hQuick Release Belt by Martin Faizey

jcrewEnglish Leather Plaque Belt by J. Crewfmallen

Pelican Hook Belt by F.M. Allen


1 1/2 Inch Name Belt by Solesu

Solesu has a a wide selection of very cool belts and buckles all of which are made in the USA. It is definitely worth a look.