Wood You Ski with Me?

bigmountainA couple weeks ago, I wrote about some – often times, quite literally – killer bi-athletes slash war heroes and their hulking wood skis. On the train this morning, I read about Rønning Ski, a father and son operation out of Skotterud, a small town in eastern Norway that specializes in making skis made entirely of wood from their local forests. ronning-father-son

Using ski presses from the 1960s, Jonas and his father Ulf Rønning (above, pictured) squeeze four different types of wood: ash, beech, birch, and pine into 50 pieces of laminate for each ski.

skiI’ve wanted to learn telemarking for several years. A pair of skis from Rønning might just be the ticket!

ski2All photos c/o Rønning and Monocle