Things My Father Taught Me: Brandon Capps

In the last few months, this guy has become a close friend. I’m forever impressed at how well-spoken he is and forever more impressed by how effortlessly well-dressed he is. Sometimes, I think they do it better in the south. Mr. Capps, he of Brooklyn by way of Nashville, makes a strong case here.


scan0001-3-1First of all, my father will be the first to tell you as far as casual, weekend fashion, there’s not a whole lot to it besides unwavering comfort. Looking through old photographs, the items don’t really change much from the time he was my age to today. A pair of sneakers with denim or trousers topped with a knit polo. However, regarding finer dress, suiting, I learned all I know from my father. Whether it be the basics on ties or the fit of a jacket, he taught me from a very young age how to do it right. Looking back at pictures of his father, you can definitely tell it’s something that my grandfather taught him along the way. Always dressed in a narrow tie, pressed trousers, and crisp white shirt. While I don’t have the means to share a picture of my father, featured are a few photos of my grandfather in his everyday suit. The best part is that it’s damn near the same cut and look of my father’s suit with a bit more hair on top. As I grew older, found my own way, and began to try my hand at throwing on fine-tailored garments, he helped along the way but also allowed me to make some mistakes.

scan0003-2When it comes to life, his lessons are all centered on how to lead a happy and successful one. Hard work, a willingness to take a chance, and the notion that life is too short to take anything too seriously are three things that were instilled in me early on. Whether he and my mother realized it or not, through all my years of not knowing what the hell I was doing, those three things stuck with me. They’ve certainly played a part in where I am today, and I couldn’t give my folks enough thanks for everything.
– Brandon Capps, Drinkin’ and Dronin’