Things My Father Taught Me: Jay Carroll

While on my tours of L.L. Bean and Quoddy Moccasin in Maine this March, Mr. Jay Carroll of Rogues Gallery was sending me text messages from afar. In the midst of preparing last month’s pop-up shop, One Trip Pass, a veritable, vintage dreamland stocked to the brim with his finds from a road trip through the American Southwest, Jay would send me text messages something along the lines of, “Two Lights Lobster Roll. Do it” and “Fore St. or Die.” Whether its his love of food, music, movies, or clothing, Jay Carroll is a kindred spirit, and it’s with great pleasure I share the latest in our epic correspondence.


Cannery RowHere’s my old man on Cannery Row, 1969. I think I found/noticed this picture when I was about 13, right after my dad had shoved On the Road in my face and subsequently sparked a “my dad is cool again” phase. I remember immediately scouring his closet for that shirt. It was a waffle weave thermal henley.
I still have it somewhere, but I could never pull it off like he did.

– Jay Carroll, Rogues Gallery, PTLDME