Things My Father Taught Me: Jeremy Kirkland

A recording industry whiz kid and a believer that quality is tantamount to style, Jeremy Kirkland of Start with Typewriters provides us with a few words on his grandfather.

pic 1My grandpa was a well-mannered man with average posture. He was polite and kind, and he had impeccable style. Like most Italians from Abruzzi, it was the little things in life that he was amazed by: good coffee, nice ties, and the occasional game of video poker.

pic 5My grandpa’s style was his own. There were very few times he wasn’t in a suit and tie. Always had his matching Jordache luggage on visits, tweed of course. Always at least one thing on his outfit that made it pop, an Italian nautical polo, or a striped dress shirt. It’s funny; as I was looking at these photos, I talked to my mom and said, “He never really wore jeans.” She shrieked as if I spoke blasphemy.

“Your grandpa never wore jeans. Ever.”

I guess — why would he? He valued a hard days work, and I assume there was something about workwear and jeans that threw him off. He wasn’t in that class he was a true gentleman. pic 2

– Jeremy Kirkland, Start with Typewriters