One Trip Pass x Pop Up Flea

Pop Up Flea
This weekend, Randy Goldberg of Urban Daddy and Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean will be hosting a well-appointed shopping venture they’re calling Pop Up Flea.

Jam-packed with selections from all plaidout favorites Gitman Bros., Alexander Olch, and 3Sixteen, not to mention that Billykirk’s Chris and Kirk Bray and shirtmaker Alexander West will be on hand customizing their products, it will be the perfect place beat the heat, maybe even crush a High Life.

They’ll be the first to offer Hattan, an exciting new project from the designers of Hickey. It’s a collection of very stylish, handmade baseball caps. Note the real bone button. Make mine a black watch, please.hattan

Image c/o Elissa Wiehn.

I’m most excited to see what remains of One Trip Pass, Ned Martel and Jay Carroll’s selections from their road trip through the American West. Jay tells me, “There’s even some stuff we edited from OTP because it wasn’t ‘high desert during the summer of 1976’ enough.”

Here are some photos I took of One Trip Pass when first it opened.

Kanvas by Katin

There are still some pairs of the Kanvas by Katin boardshorts they had made exclusively for OTP. For more, see what Michael wrote about them last month, ACL.

otp 001Santa Maria Novella’s Nostalgia Cologne, a snakeskin wallet, US Naval Academy Survival Guide, a cactus, and, of course, Modelo Especial.

otp 002Post-shotgun.

otp 003Black Combs & Crocodiles (also the name of my first album).

otp 004

otp 005

otp 006

otp 007

otp 008

otp 009
Pop Up Flea, 201 Mulberry St. NY, NY
Fri, 4-8; Sat & Sun 11-7
For more information, e-mail