Things My Father Taught Me: Ryan Willms

In talking about his father, Ryan Willms, creative director of the h(y)r collective magazine and studio, reflects on one of the most important lessons in developing your personal style: have fun.RussWillms

Except for a story I’ve heard of him and my mom maxing out their credit cards on a trip to Italy and France while in their early 20s, my father was never much of a fashion plate or a style hound. The one major cue I’ve taken from him, in life, yes, but particularly in clothing, products, and style, is to keep an open mind. He’s never been one to push boundaries, but thanks to h(y)r collective, with a simple, clean look he’s managed to stay on trend. My mom has encouraged me to wear different things and to take a chance, but my dad’s interest has always been in supporting my direction. An Art Director, he has a good eye for detail; I’ve seen him set his mind on something he wants and settle for nothing less. I’ve inherited the trait — whether it’s a product I want or a photo I need. The quiet support and open-minded outlook really opens up a lot of possibilities people close off for no good reason. Also, I am grateful he took our family to Europe a couple times at an early age. This opened my eyes to the global aspect of style and gave me a wider perspective as to how things can mix together. It broke me of my regional aesthetic – something I now try to do on a daily basis. Mixing cultural, regional elements can make getting dressed fun, another life lesson my dad instilled in me: love what you do and have fun.

Ryan Willms, creative director the h(y)r collective magazine and studio.