Things My Father Taught Me: The Parton Brothers

To know these guys is to love them. While I’ve yet to meet the youngest, Stenn, Shea and Raan have told me he’s the true winner of the family. That’s saying something. What I know of Raan and Shea, two-thirds of the operation that is Apolis Activism are kind, funny, long-in-the-tooth gentlemen truly of Southern California stock. They may act and sound laid back or devil-may-care, but these guys are taskmasters, with the growth of their brand to show for it. In less than five years, they’ve become players in the menswear game, and Apolis is as important a brand as anything out there. It’s with honor I let them wax for a while on their dad, Lindsay Allyn Parton.


FathersDay2Our father Lindsay Allyn Parton, is a man who has passed down values of hard work, generosity, and friendship. He’s always emphasized the importance of friendship and the difference between what is important (people) and urgent (the next task). His trademark style and taste helped us to realize at an early age that there is more to dressing yourself than neon Patagonia Synchillas.

FathersDay1Uncertain if we will be able to match his salt-and-pepper Mafioso pompadour, but his trademark monogram cuffs and his ability to make everything look effortless are key measures of style that we hope to inherit.

– continental
– timeless
– durable
– versatile: Work/Play; Day/Night
– tailored
– natural

– a 44” regular Canali suit
– a 17” by 35” shirt from The Custom Shop Clothiers in Washington DC
– reversible Montblanc belt
– a size 10.5 suede Gucci loafer
– a Panerai Luminor watch
– some classic Persols
– puffing on an Opus X cigar
– sport: baseball, football, golf, skiing, surfing, tennis
– authors (historical fiction, biography): James Michener, Saharras brothers and father, Dave McClough, Vince Floynn, Ayn Rand
– family vacations are essential

– b. Jan. 16 1953, Shannon Road, Campbell, California on the outskirts of San Jose, 1hr 15min South of San Francisco
– Jacqueline Parton and Stan Parton
– football accident: 15 yrs old, compound dislocation of tibia and fibula, never healed correctly
– in college played baseball, tennis
– 1975, Graduated from Westmont University, Santa Barbara, School of Economics & Business
– personal travel before raising a family: Europe, Mexico, 6 months Middle East / Europe
– Started in a building materials business, Duncan’s Home and Garden Center, role: General Manager
– Parton and Edwards Construction (1982), specializing in custom residential construction and evolving into commercial and institutional construction (1985-on)
– Wed Dec. 15, 1979 to Laura Lee Coulson, happily married for 30 years
– Three Sons: Raan Davis Parton (1981), Shea Michael Parton (1984), Stenn Garrett Parton (1986), Chuparosa Drive, Santa Barbara, California

– Raan, Shea, and Stenn, Apolis Activism