Alden + Context Roy Boot

Context 4Ryan Huber of Context Clothing was kind enough to send a preview of their latest collaboration with venerated American shoemaker, Alden Shoe Company, of Middleborough, Massachusetts. The Alden + Context Roy Boot, a boot he’s calling “the most beautiful work boot ever made” provides the next step in bridging the gap between work wear and contemporary menswear. It retails for $445.00. I’ll let him tell you more.

context 1The Alden + Context Roy Boot is named after my father, Roy Huber, who worked as the foreman of machine repair at American Motors and then Chrysler. Now retired, he is busy restoring a 1962 Pontiac Gran Prix along with my 1982 Honda CB750f. He is the hardest working man I’ve ever known, and everything I value terms of American-made comes from him. He’s worn Red Wings his entire life, but now he’s into Alden and Russell (thanks to his fashionable son).

context 3The leather: Horween Chromexcel: deep brown with amazing shades of burgundy. Chromexcel is the OG of pull-up leather. Use your index finger to pull up on the underside of the leather and you’ll see a temporary separation of oils in the exterior. This leather is unreal in regards to durability and graceful aging — perfect for a work boot.

context 2 The sole: The plantation crepe is the sole of choice for Japanese Alden enthusiasts. The sole makes this boot.

Context 5The Alden + Context Roy Boot available exclusively in Madison, Wisconsin. Give them a call today, (608) 250-0113.

For more on Context, read about the visit I paid to their headquarters.