Ryan Huber’s Alden + Context Roy Boots

roybootRyan’s Roy Boots.  Worn every day for approximately 30 days.

royboot2Earlier this month, I told you about the Roy Boot, an exciting collaboration between Context and Alden Shoes. A friend bought a pair. He wears them all the time. I suggested he send me photos of his beaters. I mentioned this to Ryan. He sent me photos of his boots.

royboot3“I motorcycle and bicycle in them daily — obviously more wear than the average boot.  I have not given them any attention other than wearing them: no cream, wax, oil, etc.  I was caught in two rain storms while motorcycling.  I must say they are a welcome addition to my wardrobe, truly comfortable and attractive boots.  We are very happy with Alden’s exceptional work.”

royboot4I’d like to make this an ongoing feature. The owners of the Roy Boot are a small club right now. If you count yourself a member, Ryan and I would like to post photos of your boots in action. Send them to plaidout@gmail.com or support@contextclothing.com. Join the club: Alden’s Roy Boot is now available for pre-order.