A Portrait of the American Craftsman

Mr. Jay Brown of Jay Brown Stagecoaches

The photo journal of Tadd Myers’ cross country tour of American factories, A Portrait of the American Craftsman, is featured in this month’s issue of Spirit, the in-flight magazine of Southwest Airlines.

Trail Town Custom Leather

What Mr. Myers is able to do with his camera is awe-inspiring. With the exception of the beautiful images captured by Foster Huntington during our visit to L.L. Bean, the photos of my own factory visits pale in comparison. Myers is able to capture the artistry in the handmade, for these people are true artists, crafting — by hand, with a little hard work and a lot of precision — original, everyday masterpieces.

Bruce Cheaney Handmade Custom Saddles

Pawless Guitars

Jay Brown Stagecoaches, now J. Wilson Stagecoach Works

Nokona Athletic Goods

Hull Historical Architectural Millwork

King Boat Works

Danner Boots

# Also seen in Garden & Gun.
# Be sure to visit this project’s homepage for updates — additional videos still to come — where you can download a .pdf featuring several of the photos.
# Special thanks to Mr. Myers for sharing his artwork with the world.