iPad Case by Temple Bags

Apple’s iPad ships this Saturday. My friend, Temple Bags‘ Steve Opperman and his cohorts there, designed a case for it. It will be available on their site Friday.

Temple is an American-made bag company; sourced and produced locally in Los Angeles, California. Every bag in their Heritage Collection is handcrafted from materials formerly used in WWII. They find the fabric by sifting through piles of militaria in dank corners of dusty warehouses. They wash the fabrics, and then cut and re-purpose them into contemporary designs. Due to the unique process of salvaging these vintage military goods, each bag is one-of-a-kind. As Steve says, “These fabrics were once used for defending our freedom now serve to protect what we value most.”

Temple’s iPad Canvas/Leather Case – $149; All Leather Case – $189.

For more views of the bag, see Flickr.