Things My Mother Taught Me: Ian Leach

Pulling up in his boss’ off-white, beat-to-hell Range Rover (Seriously, the driver’s side front door opened with a coat hanger, and the car’s ignition is started by paper clip), I knew Ian Leach, buyer and shopkeep for Nashville’s Imogene + Willie, was good people. Having recently spent some time with him, I can tell you that he’s incredibly well-versed in the classics, and if his ornery, vintage American Optical prescription safety glasses are any indication, he has a deep appreciation for old, good things. Sounds like he learned from a master. Expect great things to come from this young man. In the meantime, check the I+W blog for Ian’s updates as to his whereabouts and current sartorial hang-ups.


In the mid-nineties, my mom owned a vintage store called Dead People’s Stuff. Due to conservative community pressure, she was quick to change the name to the much safer Flashback Vintage — yet another reason why close-mindedness breeds mediocrity. I grew up junking/thrifting/antiquing alongside my mom which instilled in me a level of respect and appreciation for old things. I worked at another vintage store in high school and had no qualms about wearing second hand at a time in my life when shopping at the mall was the modus operandi for my peers. Things with history are very important to me. I cannot even imagine getting dressed without wearing something vintage.
Without my mom, there is a good chance I wouldn’t be where I am today, a part of Imogene + Willie. Thanks mom! I love you.