Things My Mother Taught Me: Walker Lamond

Because of the overwhelming response to last June’s series Things My Father Taught Me, I thought it only right to devote this week to Mothers. I’ve invited some of my more stylish friends and my favorite writers to share a few words on how their moms have influenced their style.

Up first, Mr. Walker Lamond, author of the bestselling book Rules for My Unborn Son. Be certain to visit the blog that started it all.


I blame my mother for all of my fashion mistakes. The red leather tie in 3rd grade. The double-breasted, white linen suit I wore to my high school graduation. Even the combat boots and beret I sported my freshman year in college…all heartily approved by mom.

And thank God for those mistakes. It doesn’t take much effort to dress in a facsimile of your style heroes. Just trend-spot on your favorite blog, watch a lot of Turner Classic Movies, and be quick with a credit card. But true style is born from mistakes, mistakes from experimentation, and experimentation from courage. Courage to take risks, to look ridiculous, and in those rare moments of serendipity, to look cool.

My mom gave me courage. And from the look at her get-ups in the sixties and seventies, she had it too, in spades. If my dad was doing his best Ted Kennedy in his uniform of blazers and repp ties, mom was Cher. The purple pantsuit she wore on their first date is sill in storage in the basement. And like any good mom, she has preserved all the evidence of my wardrobe dis-function—the combat boots the leather tie, even a top hat or two—all carefully stored with love like so many grade school art projects. A treasure trove for many Halloweens to come. And like mom says, some of this stuff might come back in style. Speaking of which, where’s that white linen suit?