Fathers: Kevin Stewart

There are those who know him as The Sartorialist’s infamous Professor Badass and others who know him as the striking face of a recent look book for Hickey, I know him as Kevin, a good fashion editor, a better man, and one of the best dads around.


DSCF1740I’ll start by saying Fatherhood is a trip. For me, it’s an addiction. I always knew little girls we for me. My wife Claire and I never talked about having children. There was no plan. Giovanella and Bianca just happened. Luckily, they chose us.

My parents were divorced when I was five. I didn’t have any reference or examples of what a great father was or should be. I did know I wanted to have a great relationship with my daughters and be a constant part of their lives. With that said, we encouraged the girls to try everything and have no fear. They’ve taken gymnastics, ballet, they snowboard, and swim at the Y. I taught them to hit a fastball which I throw at them as if the are little boys.

I’m in awe most of the time I’m in their company!

They are age 11 now, tall, smart and enjoy school. They are simply nice young ladies. They sing all my favorite songs with me on long drives. The Rolling Stones, The Clash, The Village People and Elton John, to name just a few.

I guess when it comes to real advice, I don’t have a lot to give… except you can never love your children too much. Children can never be spoiled with too much attention. I believe if this can be done as a parent, your children will know how to be treated with the utmost respect and love. They’ll know to always expect the best from themselves and everyone that may cross their path, and to always love themselves. I know how important the father-daughter relationship is in a girl’s life.

I’m just trying to do my best. Whomever they meet in this life, they will expect the best. And I do not mean things.

With Giovanella and Bianca in mind.
Fathers Day 2010.

– Kevin Stewart