Fathers: Sam Parker

Sam Parker shoots from the hip. Sounds like the title for a Western, better yet, a song title. Short and sweet. That’s how Sam likes things. Make the trip to Context in Madison. Get Sam to show you around his shop. You won’t regret it. You’ll come away with more than an appreciation for fourteen ounce denim and grilled sirloin steaks the size of your skull. You’ll come away with a friend. Sam Parker, friend to all. You heard it here first. I’m posting his response as is, because it’s just that great.


sam5 copyMax-
I have two short ones.
Use one or both (or none, your call).
Thanks for including me.

They drive my wife crazy.
They make almost everything more difficult.
They are why we can’t have anything nice.
They test me, and I fail half the time.
They cause me to question my abilities and my intellect.
They make us wonder “Why did we do this again?”

They are why I love breakfast time and why I can’t wait to come home.


My son can’t talk.
Check that; he chooses not to.
My daughter can’t shut up.
Wait, there’s that choice thing again.

Betsy and I spend a lot of time trying to get him to speak and her to listen.
Maybe we should worry less about what we aren’t hearing from him and enjoy more of what she has to say.

– Sam Parker, Context Clothing