All Plaidout 2.0: Beta

Mom, I’m not dead. Stop sending me e-mail. You have my phone number. Just call me.

About once a week, someone sends me an e-mail with the subject heading, “Are you dead?”


As summer drew to a close, I got sick. My blog did, too. A nasty virus left by a fake commenter. With erectile dysfunction. The problem’s been fixed, though I’m sure the commenter remains flaccid. After recovering from my illness, I’ve been playing catch-up with work, trying to make ends meet. These are excuses, and they’re not very good ones. Forgive me.

This post is meant to act as an update of sorts.

Over the course of the next few months, All Plaidout’s going to receive a face lift. It will have many different incarnations as I reconstruct it to best suit my aesthetic. I will be introducing my first full-time employee. I’ll act as Editor-in-Chief, and I’ll still control Twitter and facebook. He’ll be paid, as I am, in the satisfaction of hitting the “publish” button. It’s my hope that as a blog with two contributors, it will improve as we compete with one another to post new and better stories of our discoveries on the highways of life.

Please update your links. is no longer.

And don’t forget: in addition to Twitter, and facebook, I have an inspiration page on tumblr where I destroy any and all belief that I have good taste – particularly in music.

Thanks for your patience while I regain my footing, make some much-needed updates and changes, and introduce new content and projects to this plaid, plaid world.

– Max Wastler