“Christmas Just Does This to Me” by Matt Wertz

My dear friend, Matt Wertz, got me right in the spirit last week when he released a single for the holidays, “Christmas Just Does This to Me.”

Wertz hammers out a hit. Wastler struggles to keep up.

He first mentioned that he wanted to release a song for the happiest season of all when we were tooling around on some ancient guitars hanging in Alex Cirimelli’s Leiper’s Fork shop, Serenite Maison.

If you find yourself in Nashville for the holidays, stop by Alex’s shop in Leiper’s and peruse her selections of new and antique treats for home and garden.

And on your way out to Leiper’s, pump the heat, roll down the windows, slow way, way down, enjoy the fresh air and the hilly countryside, and inject your stereo with some spirit courtesy of Matt Wertz.
Photo of Joe Gannon, c/o Matt Wertz

If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of us, hood-slidin’ on the The General Lee in the same field where Wertz shot the video for his most recent single, “I Just Realized,” starring One Tree Hill‘s Jana Kramer.

Click here to download “Christmas Just Does This to Me.”

Click here to get his album, While We’re Becoming, featuring the song, “I Just Realized.”