I resisted. I waited. I tried so hard to hold myself to Hipstamatic, Photo Shop Express, Flickr, and TiltShift Generator. But all the great photos Foster Huntington was posting to his Twitter forced me to join the conversation.

Instagram, or more appropriately,, is my new obsession.

Just some of the many limes I squeezed for the five cups of fresh lime juice, called for in Blake Royer’s Not-So-Secret Margarita Recipe.

My friends, one friend in particular, will grab my iPhone from my hand and insist that I join the conversation.

Just before a morning storm at Nashville’s Imogene + Willie.

A factory in Tennessee.

“But, I don’t want to.” I’ll say. “Ryan’s really making some headway in his search for the perfect set of wheels.”


Archery Bow Range, Chicago, Illinois.

The catalog of the daily minutiae. The act of self-expression. The shared life experience. I can take part in your vacation, your parties, and — in one particularly hilarious case — your trip to the dentist for the most hellish root canal in the history of Dentistry… and you can learn all about my recent obsession with archery.

Cow Parade.


Providing a series of filters for photos, Instagram streamlines the process of editing and uploading software into one program. I haven’t settled on a trademark filter, but I gravitate towards X-Pro II, Lomo-Fi, Brannan, and Hefe. Once you begin using, you’ll have to share with me which filters you like and why.

With the ability to upload to Twitter, Facebook, Email, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Posterous, Instagram adds a much-needed shot of color to one’s various newsfeeds. Additionally, it is a newsfeed unto itself, allowing its users to follow others and comment and like photographs.

While I do love much of what Instagram provides in terms of building a community, it has some drawbacks. It limits photo size to a 612 pixel square, which looks great on a phone but has little versatility beyond that. The only way to generate a permalink is to upload the photos directly from the application to Twitter. There currently isn’t a way for anyone to see all the photos I’ve taken with Instagram and Instagram alone (I upload all my photos to Flickr). It would be nice to one day have up and running.

All said, Instagram is still the greatest thing since sliced bread, speaking hyperbolically. So, if you have an iPhone, download the app and follow allplaidout to keep up with my latest adventures in margaritas and archery.
Twitter: @instagram.