Things My Father Taught Me: Emerson Fry

I laughed out loud, reading the preface to her entry, so without requesting permission, I included it here. Emerson, I hope not to offend. You are too funny!

I think it was Emerson or our mutual friend Sara who first reached out, requesting “Plaidy Status” on APO. I used to feature a great woman every week, deeming her “Plaidy of the Week,” and one day, I may reinstate the Plaidies. In which case, Emerson, you’ll be my first Plaidy. When first I learned of her, she was making cloth flower accessories. I shared them with the girl I was dating at the time, who then became Emerson’s biggest fan and quite possibly her best client. Only a few years later, and from the looks of things, Emerson has built a tiny empire. A Tiny, New English Empire.

I’m thrilled she agreed to participate in this little project, as I knew she’d have something fun to add. The real question is, what’s all this about Clint Eastwood?


This is the question I received: What have you borrowed from your father, tangible and intangible?

Well sweet mother, Max. It looks like I wrote quite the novella here. I’m sorry about that. This has been a pleasure to do! I liked it.

kindest regards, e.
Here’s some things I’ve borrowed from my dad.

I like this assignment! because I love thinking about and talking about my dad. He is one of my greatest inspirations.

Enjoying Life in the Now

This dad is always in the moment. He notices his environment everywhere he goes. He’s not preoccupied by the mind. You know what I mean? The mind is so incessant with thoughts sometimes, one can miss the view, but my dad’s a person of study to me because he’s always taking in the view, noticing the details, appreciating what is going on.

Love of Words

When I was 10 years old, my dad introduced me to poetry and read me all kinds of great poetry. That really got me fired up about words.

Following Interests with a Passion

My dad has played classical and flamenco guitar since he was a teenager, and he continues to hone his skill and stretch his repertoire. He never stopped at a point and said, “Well, I am good enough now.” He continues to grow as an artist. Occasionally, he’ll come over for lunch with his dog, Bob, and give a concert like you would not believe. If you are not familiar with flamenco guitar music, check it out sometime. You’ll see what I mean. It’s astounding what one man with a guitar can sound like.

Let People Be Who They Are

When I was a teenager he would help me type my papers at 2am with one eye open and a tiny glass of wine because — let’s face it — if it wasn’t about clothes, poems or painting, it was shoved in the bottom of my bag and gladly forgotten till the night before the thing was due. He didn’t try to force me into another shape, he focused on the positive — god love him — and encouraged my interests. He bought me my dress form, a sewing machine, the glue guns. And when we couldn’t find a hat form he chain sawed me one out of a tree stump. And then sanded it with a sander. Now that is something special is it not?

Love of Clint Eastwood

Don’t make me start on this topic. It will never end. He gave me a love of those movies and I’ve never looked back.

I love my dad. Thank you for inviting me to take part in this assignment!

Emerson Fry