Things My Father Taught Me: Jen Causey

Thank goodness for Simply Breakfast. Each entry is such an inspiration. Many mornings, while I’m busily inhaling my umpteeth bowl of Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Spice instant oatmeal, I’ll scroll through SB thinking, “Fresh fruit… whole grains… eggs. I should eat better.” Its author, photographer Jen Causey, manages to eat the most lovely looking breakfasts in Brooklyn, if not in all of America. In addition to SB, Jen has taken on several awesome photo projects, my factory-visit-loving favorite being The Makers, a photo project documenting the people who put together many of the things we use and love and love to use. Thank goodness for you, Jen. Thanks for your terrific photos and for your terrific tribute to your father.


I believe I gained a curiosity for learning things and the craving to be creative from my father. Growing up, he could do and make anything. He knew how to sew, fix engines, make homemade banana pudding, and build anything-including my favorite Barbie dream house and an amazing wooden swing set. As I think back on all these things he made, I realize that he inspired my interest in artisan made products and in learning more about the people behind the things I buy and use, ultimately inspiring my Makers Project.

As far as fashion goes, my father definitely inspired my love of stripes. Looking back at photos from my childhood, he was always wearing stripes!

Most importantly, I thank my father for always letting me be me. He taught me to strive to be the best I could be, but to ultimately be myself. To this day, he stands
by me with silent encouragement, letting me make my own decisions and my own mistakes. He is always there to help out when needed, but easily steps back when he is not.

Jen Causey