Things My Father Taught Me: Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon came to me through my very soulful friend, Mary Randolph, someone I hold very dear to my heart. Way, way back in The Aughts, Mary Randolph and I would send each other inspirational e-mail with the simple subject heading “Thoughts?” These e-mail were nothing more than a series of links to things we loved. One day, among the things she loved was an illustration from Lisa, and it was then I fell hard for her work. She fast became a hero of mine: someone who did it her way and managed to come out triumphant. May we all take a lesson from Lisa, and in turn from her father. Thank you, Lisa, for your gracious contribution.


I realized when I sat down to write about what I have learned from my father that I am one of those women who doesn’t know her father well. I think there are many of us out there. I am 43 and my father is 71. My parents are still married after almost 50 years and I visit with my mother and father several times a year. But still, he is a somewhat illusive character in my life. Gender differences, generational differences, and the introverted nature of my entire family all account for my not knowing him well — or him knowing me.  Despite all of that, I love him deeply, and he has influenced me in immeasurable ways. Here are just a few.

Lisa Congdon