Things My Father Taught Me: Roséline

An early supporter of all plaidout and one time Plaidy of the Week, Roséline has been a fount of inspiration long before I’d even considered starting a blog. She has such wonderful taste and a great sense of humor. Certainly, her father had something to do with that. Thank you, Roséline, for continuing to inform the world: {this is glamorous}.


Things My Father Taught Me

  1. that time is money
  2. that i could be anything in the world i wanted
  3. that i should eat my oatmeal
  4. the virtues of early to bed & early to rise
  5. to treat others the way i want to be treated
  6. to photograph everything, for i will love the memories later on…
  7. that hard work always pays off
  8. to be prepared for anything
  9. how to ice skate, how to swim, how to ride a bicycle & how to drive
  10. that there is nothing that can not be fixed with ice cream

{images: vintage photographs by christina diaz; leica camera via a dustjacket}