Chicago’s Dose Market

“You bought the polka dot tie at Dose!” The MidWasteLand’s Monica Dimperio exclaimed while we waited for some Joe at Caffe Streets.

“Yes! Oh my God. What a memory!”

“You gonna be there this Sunday?”

“Of course.”

How could I miss it? I live for these experiences. For the two years I lived in Brooklyn, I became a fixture at the Brooklyn Flea, which took place at the end of my block. Whiling away my weekends by grilling vendors about their wares, turning their passions into my own,  I managed to fall in with this talented community of people in a way that held some deeper meaning to me than any old trip to the local flea market.

Floyd from Artpentry

Then, I heard about this thing starting in my new hometown of Chicago called Dose Market. I was instantly flung back to my Flea days. I tingled all over with the anticipation that I would make this market, this Dose, my market, as I’d done before in Brooklyn.

Housed in the River East Arts Center, Dose Market is a once monthly bazaar showcasing a collection of the city’s finest offerings in food, furniture, and… fineries.  The curators, or Dosettes, as they refer to themselves, are Haute Closet’s April Francis, Tasting Table Chicago’s Editor Heather Sperling, DailyCandy Chicago’s Editor Emily Fiffer, and Time Out Chicago’s Associate Shopping & Style Editor Jessica Herman.

Jared Van Camp of Old Town Social assists a customer with his selection of charcuterie.

At the first installment, I found myself drawn to the charcuterie offered by Old Town Social’s Jared Van Camp. I bought the fennel sausage for Monday evening’s picnic at Downtown Sound in Millennium Park, but finished the link before I made it home.

I kept pushing people over to try the thick, decadent, and extremely tart, XO 18-year-old vinegar from Blis. I may or may not have measured a few necks — including owner Sarah Blessing’s — at Apartment Number 9’s custom shirting booth offered in conjunction with Hamilton Shirts. And I learned a bit about the neckwear offered by Chris Berre and Michael Palmer of Artfully Disheveled.

This coming Sunday, July 10th, is the second installment of Dose, or as I have been referring to it, Dose: Dos.

I’m most looking forward to trying one of the champagne cocktails The Aviary’s Grant Achatz created especially for Dose. I’m also excited to see what is new this week, in particular, fresh and proper neckwear from Fresh & Proper and the incredibly handsome metalwork of Gillion Carrara.

If it’s anything like the first installment, you can be guaranteed I’ll have set up camp for the entire day. Come say “hi.” I’m the man in plaid.

I’ll see you there!

Dose Market
at the River East Arts Center
435 East Illinois Street
Chicago, IL

All photos c/o Nathan Michael.