What I Know That You Should Too: A Mix Tape by Ian Leach

It was May. It was breakfast. At the behest of my friend Joe, I was supposed to meet this guy. This guy was driving his bosses’ beater Range Rover with a coat hanger for a door handle. This guy was wearing prescription safety glasses and a Barbour jacket.

This guy is Ian Leach. That day, this guy became a friend.

Ian is the convivial character running the day-to-day operations at a little shop situated in an old gas station in Nashville. The shop is called Imogene + Willie, and there they make and sell jeans, pants, shirts, dresses, and some other stuff on the premises.

Ian has a way about him that I wish I had. His calm manner and level-headed way make him an ideal shop runner. It doesn’t hurt that Ian can express his passion for products in a way that doesn’t come off as showy or over-sold. He’s just a guy who likes the stuff he sells.

Then, in July of last year, he sent me a mix tape so heartfelt, so powerful, that it managed to get me through the rest of the year’s warm days, while I was trucking around the Midwest in a number of coffee-stained rental cars. That’s why, when I learned that earlier in the year Ian had become a father to a little boy named Everett, I knew he’d be the ideal candidate to create a mix tape about what he’s learned as a new dad that he’d like to pass onto his son and here, via All Plaidout, the world.

What I Know That You Should Too

A Mix Tape by Ian Leach

1. Do You Realize?? – The Flaming Lips
2. The Lamb – Little Scream
3. Truth (Helios Remix) – Balmorhea
4. You Can Count On Me – Panda Bear
5. Go Outside – Cults
6. Be Kind – Devendra Banhart
7. Forge Your Own Chains – D.R. Hooker
8. Get To The Table On Time – M. Ward
9. Cradle Song For A (Interstate B3) – Max Richter
10. Cry! Baby! – Bibio
11. Truss Me – Lower Dens
12. That Summer Feeling – Jonathan Richman
13. I’m Set Free – The Velvet Underground
14. Don’t Cry – Deerhunter
15. I Need Fun In My Life – The Drums
16. Headache – Girls
17. Oh How I Miss You – Broadcast
18. Kid You’ll Move Mountains – Manitoba
19. Pitter Patter Goes My Heart – Broken Social Scene
20. Grow Till Tall – Jónsi
21. Home (RAC Remix) – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
22. Show Me Forgiveness – Björk

Thank you, Ian.