Cause and Effect in New York City

During Market Week in New York, Cause and Effect’s Billy Moore caused something of a scene while shooting photos for his look book.

Imagine the loud clang of Billy’s ball peen against the manhole cover.

He’s used to hammering horsehide against the large boulders of the Little Pigeon River, but I can imagine wailing away at some copper plating on the cobblestone streets of New York is not a far off sensation.

Look book photographer, Joe Gannon, crouches to get the shot just so, as Mr. Moore goes to town on some metal.

To read more about Billy Moore and his magnificent leather and metal accessories, see my previous post. To learn how you can get your hands on Cause and Effect’s full line, contact Billy directly: billy(dot)causeandeffect(at)gmail(dot)com.

Special thanks to Rob Babigian, Fran Ferger, and Joe Gannon for the behind-the-scenes footage of Mr. Moore in action.