Dose Market in the News

The Dose Market ladies put together this lovely video with Middle Mind Project.

Two weekends ago, in an article written by Eater Chicago’s Ari Bendersky, they were featured in the Travel section of the New York Times.

Dose rides again this Sunday, the 25th of September. I’m excited to try on the wristwatch commissioned by Harry Truman currently for sale at Division St. Watch Company, check out the new fall wares from my favorite shop in town, Penelope’s, and eat some smoked salmon and peanut brittle… potentially at the same time.

Oh and look for Dose to get a lot more dude-friendly, particularly in the soft goods department come October 16th when a certain sporting goods store will be making its Chicago debut, and it’s my understanding they may be surrounded by some of their closest friends in the retail business.

Until then, read my previous write-up of the market, and let me know if you’re heading to Dose this weekend. I’ll be there in plaid.

Dose Market
at the River East Arts Center
435 East Illinois Street
Chicago, IL