Plaidy: Christine Mitchell of N’East Style

Miss Mitchell, thank you for sending the Jessum Crow stickers! Your talents as an artist never cease.

Folks, the Vermont Foodbank needs your help. Buy a sticker.

Those familiar with Christine’s site, N’East Style, have come to expect a couple things: classic style and good quality. And like once great Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens, Christine always brings the heat. Whether she is sharing her latest canvas bag discovery or working to build the branding and logo for a certain upstart sporting goods store, her talents know no bounds.

Those of you lucky enough to attend Dose Market this weekend, be sure to track me down. I’ll have a handful of the Jeezum Crow stickers on hand. Happy to supply where possible.

Christine, thanks for continuing to support All Plaidout. Keep up the great work! You got that N’East Style.