Movember is All Plaidout

BEFORE (That’s me with no moustache standing next to some guy with a moustache)

I’m late to the game, but if you haven’t donated to Movember, I’d ask you to consider donating to my team at The Bedford. Take the jump to see a photo of what I look like today.


Because I had to shave for something mid-month, I got a late start with Movember, but I really wanted to do it, particularly given this was the first year I had a story to tell.

It’s not much of a story, but earlier in 2011, I had a small scare. I felt something out of the ordinary, I went and got it checked. My doc said, “Yep. Let’s get you checked out.”

While it ended up being nothing, and while you may be saying to yourself, “That wasn’t much of a story,” put yourself in my shoes. For the 48-or-so hours waiting for the results, I stewed, wondering what I would do differently if the tests came back and I was going to have to undergo some kind of treatment.

Would I have hugged longer? Would I have run farther? Would I have tried harder?


If you can, please make a donation. If you can’t, please tell someone about Movember who might not know.

Put the Hair in Awareness.

Thank you,
Max Wastler