L.L. Bean: Made in USA

L.L. Bean has done quite a lot to celebrate their 100th Anniversary. In addition to putting out a new book and reissuing an old one, they’ve crafted a special Made in Maine Model A canoe with Old Town Canoe (and then they floated a 100-person canoe); they’ve developed a bamboo fly rod with Thomas Rod Company in Brewer, Maine; they put the “Bean” in Beantown by sponsoring their home team, the Boston Red Sox releasing a special Fenway boat-and-tote; and this fall they will introduce three articles of clothing which are made in the Northeastern United States.

While they continue to make their Bean Boots and Boat-and-Tote Bags in Brunswick, Maine, at an event this week in New York, they’re proudly rolling out shirts from Fall River, Massachusetts’ New England Shirt Company, a Ragg wool sweater from Fall River’s Northeast Knitting, and a cotton calvary twill pant from Brooklyn, New York’s Hertling Trouser.


With my love of L.L. Bean only matched by my appreciation of the American worker, you can imagine my excitement that a major corporation such as this one has taken steps to support the little guys still making things in their own backyards. It’s my hope you’ll do the same.

Special thanks to Mary Rose, Laurie, Kathy, and all the hardworking folks at L.L. Bean for their continued support of All Plaidout.